Chainradar.com was created in September 2014. ChainRadar provides blockchain explorer services for the most promising CryptoNote coins. The idea of ChainRadar is to unite all the CryptoNote coins under one "roof". We want to have every coin on our radar!

ChainRadar was started as one-man project by a cryptocurrency developer named imready2rock. Several people had joined along the way and formed a small team:

  • Jason "Sonic" Robison - who is responsible for all the great charts and API.
  • Richard "E." Hodgdon - responsible for all the pool data aggregation and user-friendly interface.
All of us work on ChainRadar on part time basis combining it with full-time jobs. We are putting a lot of effort into keeping ChainRadar technically advanced, user-friendly and the most effective CryptoNote blockchain explorer on the web!

During the year 2014 we've updated ChainRadar several times. What started as a simple block explorer has evolved into one of the best resources about CryptoNote coins. Main features:

  • We provide comprehensive analytics using charts. Charts allow you to dig deeper into the difficulty, block reward and hashrate history.
  • We've formed a list of pools for every supported CryptoNote coin. This list will provide you with all the information you need to know about the pools: fee, minimal payment, miners, hashrate, uptime, last server down, etc.
  • We've developed an API that can be accessed at any time. ChainRadar API makes it easy to build applications for CryptoNote coins and Bitcoin.
And we won't stop with that, we have more awesome things coming up. With this thought in mind we are always open to any kind of suggestions or ideas. Please, feel free to contact us. Also, if you want your coin to be added - you should contact us without hesitation. Also, we could use some help. Contact us through contact form to learn more!

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